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About Curtain Rings

Making the old new again is part of creative interior design. Find unique, one-of-a-kind curtain rings by looking on eBay. Everyone can go to a big-box retailer and buy the same thing as their neighbor, bot not you. Buy vintage curtain rings that add visual interest and a high-quality post-WWII modern, contemporary, or Victorian style can keep your neighbors wondering how you do it. Scope out reliable sellers who have the styles, materials, and colors of curtain rings you want. Curtain clip rings are another avenue all together. They are useful for keeping curtains on a rod, while making the fabric more accessible. More than that, they make useful wall hangers. Anchor a curtain rod into a blank wall, and use the clips to attach tapestry or other cloth wall hangings in place. Contrasting colors, such as stark white curtain rod set against a dark teal accent wall makes a huge impact.