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About Curlformers

A hundred years ago, women who were not blessed with luscious curls used to cut up strips of newspaper and roll up their hair to get fashionable ringlets and waves. Curlformers take this basic idea a step further, letting high tech materials do all of the work. Instead of cutting up rags or papers and rolling strands of hair on your head, you simply have to draw your hair through the Curlformers, which roll up on their own, forming perfect, even curls with almost no effort. You leave your hair to dry on its own or use a blow dryer to speed up the process, but you do not need to do anything else. Use long and wide Curlformers to create styles that involve big curls or waves. Narrower versions of the product produce tight ringlets and corkscrew curls. You can find formers for short hair, medium hair, and long hair. If you are getting tired of burning your skin on your curling iron or waiting for your hot rollers to heat up, you can find a large inventory of wide and narrow Curlformers on eBay.