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About Curio Cabinets

Interesting stuff doesn't belong in your basement or attic collecting dust; it should sit proudly on display in a curio cabinet, eliciting remarks from the guests who spend time in your home. Curio cabinets generally feature glass, which lets you see what's inside, while a metal or wood framework provides support. There are no hard and fast rules for what you can put in a curio cabinet, so fill it with whatever you think is noteworthy, attractive, or fascinating—baseball memorabilia, dolls, die cast cars, or ceramic arts. Your curio cabinet can be big or small, standalone or mounted to a wall. Some fit neatly into a corner, using a tight space that might otherwise go to waste. Whatever type of cabinet you want to display your curios, you can find the ideal new or antique piece on eBay. You might even find a cabinet so appealing that you decide to start a whole new curio collection just to fill it.

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