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About Cupping Sets

Increasingly, people are turning to alternative medicine for solutions to all types of health problems. One such therapy is cupping therapy, in which a cupping set, or a set of glass, bamboo, or earthenware cups, is used to create suction on the skin. Cupping therapy is believed to promote blood circulation and healing for a variety of ailments. Proponents of this therapy say that it can treat anemia, arthritis, skin problems, fertility problems, hypertension, anxiety, and more, as well as reduce inflammation and pain throughout the body. In addition, it is thought to promote physical and mental relaxation. There are several types of cupping therapy practices. Dry cupping uses only suction, while wet cupping uses a combination of suction and controlled bleeding. Both types use heat within the cup to create suction on the skin. For a more modern touch, another version uses a pump in place of the heat. If you would like to treat your body to the relaxation and health benefits of cupping, you can find a cupping set on eBay and try this ancient therapy for yourself.