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About Cummins 6BT

Undeniably, the indispensible backbone of a work truck is its engine. The Cummins 6BT is one engine that is iconic in its class, and it continues in popularity. Cummins was founded in 1919 in Indiana, and produces several kinds of power equipment. The 6BT is unique, however, because it is the first Cummins engine to be used in a light truck. Typically, their engines make heavy construction equipment tick. A 5.9 L inline six-cylinder, this engine was crucial to the resurgence of the Dodge Ram in the 1990s. The engine is favored over similar gasoline engines of its era because of its towing and hauling capabilities and fuel efficiency. Indeed, in some cases, the Cummins 6BT achieves twice the fuel mileage as its comparable gas competitors. It is also unique in that it does not rely on glowplugs to start in cold weather. Instead, it utilizes direct injection, which is much more reliable. In terms of power, it produces 400 pound-feet of torque. That ought to be plenty to carry whatever the job demands. A large variety of these engines and the trucks that contain them are available on eBay.

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