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About Cultured Pearls

The diver plucks the oyster from the bottom of the sea and wrests open its mouth to reveal the shining treasure within. Cultured pearls come from oysters and are the sole gemstone produced by animals. They come in different colors with the black pearls being especially rare and sought after. Very large pearls are also rare because it takes the oyster a long time to make such an enormous gem. Reliable sellers on eBay offer all types of cultured pearls in multiple styles from loose gems to jewelry sets. The cultured pearl necklace is a classic and fits with everything from a trendy black dress to an elegant wedding gown. There are even vintage cultured pearls available on eBay and some of these pieces that include very large pearls are worth a small fortune because they are rare today. The pearl is a timeless gemstone that remains just as much in fashion today as it was one hundred years ago, and every woman should own at least one piece of pearl jewelry.