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About Cuisinart

A Cuisinart food processor grinds and pulverizes fruits, veggies, nuts and spices into just the right consistency for your gourmet dinner or 30-minute meal. Cuisinart gets you off the chopping block by mincing food for you. There are a variety of machines to suit every need. For example, the 7-cup food processor is the perfect size for household use, but if you find that you need a slightly bigger bowl for your large family meals, there are 9-cup and 11-cup models available. If it's just you, and you want to save on counter space, the 4-cup mini processor is just right. Caterers and restaurant owners can benefit from the durable 20-cup stainless steel model. All food processors come with a pour spout and measurement marks on the bowl. The company's SealTight Advantage, blade locking system and push-button release ensures maximum safety when handling the sharp blades. With most models, you get a spatula and recipe book, and some machines come with a how-to DVD. Because removable parts are dishwasher safe, you can save time on cleanup. For quick jobs, consider the Spice and Nut Grinder, a compact machine perfect for when you don't want to laboriously chop parsley, oregano and rosemary by hand. Look for other chopper/grinders with the SmartPower blade, which has a sharp edge for fine processing soft foods and a blunt edge for pummeling hard, fibrous foods. While known for its food processors, Cuisinart manufactures almost any kitchen tool you can think of, from can openers to coffee makers, tea kettles to toasters.