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About Cuff Watches

A cuff watch is a bold fashion statement. They are easy to don and really make telling time a fashion statement. This type of watch is contemporary and stylish and is defined by the stiff material used, which means it can have a buckle, button, or be stiff enough to hold itself in place with a gap on the underside of the wrist. Men’s choices often have a wide, thick leather strap that can feature a masculine looking buckle, allowing you to adjust how well it stays on your wrist. These can come in different colors and the faces can have different styles, like roman numerals, numbers, or dashes, and hour/second hand varieties. Women’s options on eBay normally have a thinner strap and feature the open end that holds it tightly in place. You can also find metal options that look like thin bracelets so you can tell time with flair. A cuff watch is more than just a time piece, it is a work of art.