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About Cub Scout Uniforms

Practicing archery, earning a marksmanship badge, and singing "Kumbaya" by the campfire in your Cub Scout uniform are some of the fondest memories from your childhood. Share that sense of adventure and wholesome fun with a new generation by getting a uniform from a friendly seller on eBay. The Tiger Cub neckerchief in bright orange with the navy blue, short-sleeved, button-up shirt is the classic uniform of the newly minted Tiger Cub Scout. Add the striped blue and orange necktie, and your little Tiger is ready for camping in the woods with the rest of the group. Pressed navy pants and lace-up shoes complete the youth scouting outfit. Choose a vintage Cub Scout uniform in khaki with long sleeves in pressed cotton for the troop leader, and add plenty of patches in iron-on or sew-on styles. The standard uniform consists of the khaki shirt with red shoulder loops and an American flag patch for the left shoulder. Uniform shirts can be worn with navy pants or even with blue jeans depending on the type of Cub Scout event.