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About CSX

All aboard! Although trains are no longer a common form of transportation for most people, they continue to be important in the transfer of goods. CSX Transportation, a forward-thinking North American railroad, continues to find new and better ways to use trains to move products and resources from one place to another. A unique feature of their services is their focus on the environment, on efficiency, and on sparing the planet from unnecessary waste and emissions. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, the network boasts around 21,000 miles of track throughout the United States and Canada. Railroad enthusiasts enjoy sporting a CSX hat or CSX shirt to show their loyalty to this time-honored method of transit. To find brand-new or preowned clothing, decals, and model trains with the CSX logo, search on eBay and purchase the products you want from eBay's reliable sellers. With your new memorabilia, you can share your passion for the future of the modern railroad with those around you.