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About Crystal Dish

As a child, spending the day at Grandma's house was like a mini-adventure full of drawing, watching cable TV, and eating hard, white mints out of her crystal candy dish. Even though that dish was only one of many crystal dishes in Grandma's house, it was the most used because of its convenient location (the middle of the family room). Those tasty mints would be piled high at the beginning of the day and only a few would remain by sun down. Although surely full of sugar, we had the freshest breaths in the neighborhood. That delicate bowl was a coveted item in her home, and not just for the mints. It was an antique cut glass dish that sparkled in the morning sun and represented the American "brilliant" period of the late 1800's and early 1900's in its style and glamour. Antique crystal dishes just like that candy dish are still sold on eBay by reliable sellers in varying conditions. Whether you want to leave out candies for little ones, or add a touch of early century charm to your abode, you are sure to find crystal dishes you love on eBay.