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About Crystal Candlesticks

A pair of crystal candlesticks always sat on either end of your grandmother’s buffet at Sunday dinners or during holiday affairs with the family. Naturally, you want a pair of your own so you can recreate that atmosphere of style and grace. From Mikasa crystal candlesticks to Tiffany crystal candlesticks, the reliable sellers on eBay carry both new and used styles just like those you remember. If you have memories of lead crystal prisms doing a reflective dance in the candlelight, search for candlesticks with fixed prisms or just bobeches with prisms to add to your existing pair. Maintain that sense of tradition with your own family, and pick out a pair of crystal candlesticks to recreate that Norman Rockwell scene that you so fondly remember. Serve your family with the same ambiance that was your grandmothers’ gift to her loved ones, and make new memories for your own children.