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About Crystal - Collectibles

A crystal can mean many different things to many different people. To a geologist, a crystal is a mineral with molecules formed into a geometric pattern, but to a new age healer, it is a source of mystical energy. Although a fashion fanatic may find style inspiration in the crystal beads and gems sewn into her clutch purse, an older woman may treasure the crystal chandelier that sits above her dining room table. Crystals are found throughout nature, from the snowflakes that fall from the sky every winter to the salt that you sprinkle onto your dinner each evening. Human beings have long used crystal to produce jewelry and decorative items for the home. Crystal pieces hold so much attraction that producers such as Swarovski began imitating their form using glass. Whether you collect rocks and minerals or want to decorate your home, you can find a huge inventory of crystal pieces on eBay. Reliable sellers offer everything from healing crystals to natural quartz crystals.