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About Crumbs

Collecting comic books has been a passion since you were in college and bought your first issue of Fritz the Cat. You were immediately hooked on the gorgeously detailed drawings and the witty Crumb content that made you laugh uproariously and then mull over the state of the world, all with a silly little soft-covered comic. Reliable sellers on eBay understand your affection for this creative and collectible content and they have exactly the Robert Crumb signed items that you have been looking for to wow your friends and complete your collection. Check out the wide variety of R Crumb signed Dirty Laundry and ZAM books in excellent or almost new condition or choose a signed album cover to hang on the wall. Merchants have just about any Crumb publication you can imagine, along with some rare single drawings, signed records, and even hardcover books in great condition. Convenient shipping options make it simple to get exactly the item you want delivered right to your door while you skip the hassle of shopping at bookstores and antique shops.

Shop the large inventory of comics including Bronze Age alternative underground comics!