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About Cross Stitch Sampler

Just like grandma's used to llok like. Simple things can bring back great memories from your childhood spent at grandma's house where she had a cross stitch sampler on the wall in every room. Homey sayings, wise adages, moral verses, and words of wisdom were stitched on her samplers and seeing one now makes you think of her. Bring those fond memories and happy times into your home with a framed cross stitch sampler hanging in each room. Shop on eBay, where there is a lovely selection of old fashioned and vintage samplers with scenes of trees, houses, flowers, and scrolls. Many reliable sellers offer samplers with messages of the importance of home and family. You can find a cross stitch sampler kit with quotes about the virtue of patience, making friends, and love. Look for a cross stitch sampler just like your grandma's to make your guests feel welcome in your home or find a kit with a verse that suits your style.