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About Cross Beads

A homemade Christian present means a lot to your daughter after her Confirmation. To make a beautiful necklace or charm bracelet, you need some cross beads. With an almost endless selection of beads to choose from, you can make just about any type of Christian-themed jewelry. Silver cross beads look good as charms on bracelets or dangling on earrings. The crosses can be large or small, and come in many colors. Place just one cross in a piece of jewelry, or add many. Use a lot of turquoise cross beads and black crystal beads to create a unique anklet for your daughter. The beads come in many styles, allowing you to use crosses as pendants, charms, earrings, and as beads in a bracelet. Find beads for your project in materials such as metal, glass, crystal, stone, clay, and plastic. In addition, you can buy or make charms out of smaller round beads. Purchase all of your jewelry making supplies and cross beads from the reliable sellers on eBay to take advantage of their large selection of beads and findings.