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About Crosby Stills Nash

Creatives are known for being temperamental, and Crosby, Stills & Nash, and occasionally Young, are certainly no exception. The folk rock supergroup met with extreme success despite frequent breakups and a relatively fluid roster. Their self-titled first album, released in 1969, had two singles make it onto the top 40s list. The CSN trio went through several supporting band members before they approached Neil Young. He agreed to join their band under the condition that he be made a full member and could maintain his side projects. While he was part of the band, his name was included in the band's. But his tenure with the band was fraught with difficulties, beginning with his refusal to be filmed during the electric set at Woodstock, which was the band’s second show. All four members of the band have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame at least two times, though Young’s inductions were not for CSNY work. The band embodies the counterculture of the period and many of their songs were part of the anti-war effort. If you want to hear any of their music, buy a new Crosby, Stills & Nash DVD or CD on eBay. However, you won’t be seeing any of Young’s Woodstock electric set on those DVDS.

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