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About Criterion

Are you tired of hauling out your VCR from storage and brushing off the thick coating of dust every time you want to watch one of your favorite classic movies? You may want to look into the Criterion Collection. This publisher specializes in taking classics and sprucing them up to put on new disc formats. They take the most intact version of the film they can find and clean it up, improving the visual and sound quality. In addition to classics, the company releases obscure movies that achieved critical success. Before Blu-Ray and DVD, Criterion released films on laserdiscs. Unfortunately, the LD technology did not stick around, so if you buy one of these, you’ll also have to find an operational player. Finding some of these films pre-owned on eBay may be the only way to purchase them, as once their publishing license expires, Criterion can no longer release new discs. Bring an out-of-print film home today and spend your evening watching digitally remastered movies.

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