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Time to get crafty! Cricut machines let you choose from a library of over 50,000 images that can be cut out of paper, cardstock, sticker paper, stiff fabric, vinyl, fondant, and more. Just choose what you want, and the Cricut machine cuts it for you. This is the go-to machine for scrapbookers, cake-makers, monogrammers, party-throwers, and creative people of all stripes. Get in touch with your inner crafter with the vast array of Cricut machines found on eBay.

About Cricut Machines

You have a long list of crafts to complete, and your Cricut machine can hardly keep up with your scrapbook designs, wall decals, and vinyl letters that you are printing. Cricut machines are die cutters that utilize cartridges with preset designs to cut vinyl, paper, card stock, felt, fabric, and even fondant, so you can complete a variety of crafts. Cricut cutter machines can handle a range of mat sizes with some machines able to handle 6-inch-by-12-inch mats, whereas other machines can handle up to 12-inch-by-24-inch sizes. If you want a smaller unit, Cricut mini machines are a great option as they are not standalone like other Cricut machines and require a computer to operate. Most Cricut machines include preset designs, but for a larger selection of designs, you can purchase extra cartridges with themes for extra fonts and pictures. There are many Cricut machine models available and each model offers different benefits for different crafts. With the large inventory of machines and cartridges available on eBay, you can quickly and easily complete all of the crafts on your list.

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