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About Crib Sheets

As soon as you find out whether you are having a boy or a girl, you need to get to work on that nursery. The crib is the focal point of the room, and once you have picked that out, you need crib sheets. This is the fun part, since you can really get creative with baby crib sheets. You can choose from patterns with flowers or little birds for a girl, or animals or trucks for a boy. Your baby may not notice the patterns as a newborn, but it may be as many as three years before he or she outgrows the crib, and even a one-year-old can enjoy bright colors and patterns. If you want all the bedding to match, look for a crib sheet set. A set should include one or two fitted sheets, a comforter, and a bumper to go around the side of the crib. The bumper cushions the crib railings, protecting the head once the baby becomes mobile. Reliable sellers on eBay have hundreds of options for crib sheets and sets, and your choices can be conveniently delivered right to your door.