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About Creepers Shoes

They have been beloved by punks, goths, rockabilly fans, ska aficionados, Bananarama, Rita Ora, Rihanna, and Miley Cyrus alike. It is easy to see why the distinct, edgy look of creepers shoes draws fans of all stripes. These bold styles, also known as "flatforms," offer added height without a heel for both men and women. A vast inventory is available on eBay, whether you are drawn to the subtle look of a sleek black 1-inch sole or the drama of a 3-inch platform. The soles are made of a lightweight material, true to the original creepers shoes that became popular after World War II. Bold, colorful designs allow you to be as daring as you please, whether you prefer florals, cartoon drawings, slick black-and-white checkerboard patterns, animal prints, faux suede, shiny iridescent material, Union Jack designs, or a simple pop of bright white for a timelessly hip all-black ensemble. Prepare to have your feet cradled in comfort, as soon as you are done choosing between leopard print and purple creepers shoes — or opting for both.

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