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About CREE 7W's

You have decided that the kids should have their own flashlights during the family's upcoming camping trip. With many options on the table, you put it to the vote and the CREE 7W flashlights won easily. With its palm-sized proportion, steel body clip, adjustable focus and waterproof design, a CREE mini flashlight is durable, handy and highly functional. The 7W Mini CREE 300LM LED flashlight is a good example of this line of products. With a rated brightness of 300 lumens, it is remarkably bright for its size and also supplied in a range of colors your kids will love. If you want an even brighter CREE flashlight in the same size, then the 7W CREE Q5 LED is the one to choose. It is rated at 400 lumens and its bulb is expected to last 100,000 hours. With the large inventory of CREE 7W flashlights found on eBay, finding them in the colors your kids love is going to be easy. The hard part is keeping them from blinding one another other when the time comes for ghost stories.

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