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About Credenzas

Not to be confused with the moss-covered three-handled family "gradunza" sought after by the Cat in the Hat, a credenza is nevertheless a piece of furniture with an interesting back story all its own. Though the modern credenza is a sideboard cupboard that is typically placed in the dining room, the term "credenza" dates all the way back to 16th century Italy, when it was used to describe the practice of servants tasting the food and drink of their masters before service, in order to detect poison. Over time, the term was adapted to refer to the room in which the act of tasting took place, and later, to a specific piece of furniture. While it might not be able to save you from the murderous intentions of your political rivals, a vintage credenza still makes for an attractive and functional addition to your home decor. With the wide range of new, used, and refurbished furniture items available from reliable sellers on eBay, you are sure to find the perfect credenza for your needs.