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About Credentials Cards

Anyone has the credentials required to go on eBay and find a reliable seller who offers commemorative Michael Jordan Credentials, because all that it takes is a little patience and typing the right keywords to find an eBay seller who has the standard or gold version of this iconic Skybox card. Although the popular standard version can sell for significant amounts, you may find an eBay seller who wants less in return for the card that depicts Jordan slamming home one of his air-defying dunks. With only 10,000 gold versions available throughout the world, eBay can be a great source for accommodating your budgetary constraints. However, the site is also a fertile shopping ground for vintage press credentials to events such as the World Series and the Oscars, as current and former members of the press understand the value that press-issued credentials have to consumers who have no other way of marking a special event. Most of the standard press passes do not include a photograph, which does diminish the value of the passes to consumers, while some simply want a pass that solely states the name of the event and the organization that received the pass. Credentials can encompass a wide range of things, and among them, a great way to commemorate a special athlete or event.

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