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About Creative Zen

The practice of Zen is designed to bring you inner peace, but the Creative Zen brings you your favorite music whenever you want it. Creative offers a variety of Zen music players that play on the name. Take for example the Zen Stone, a miniature player that features nothing more than a control pad and a pair of connectors. Shaped just like a worry stone, this player was designed to soothe your cares with either 1GB or 2GB of music, and a battery that was rated for 11 hours. Other Zen MP3 players take up more space in your pocket, but offer more storage, including SD card support. Still, that extra space in your pocket might be worth it, with a bright 2.5-inch screen with 16.7 million colors. You can find your inner peace, or at least your Creative Zen, from reliable sellers on eBay. Then all you have to do is load it with music, charge it up, put your headphones on, and slip into tranquility.