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About Crayola Crayons

In 1903, Binney & Smith issued the first boxes of Crayola crayons. These first boxes, which were sold for a nickel each, contained only eight basic colors. Over 100 years later, Crayola crayons remain one of the most popular toys of all time. Whether you are a retro-minded collector, or simply searching for crayons to engage your kids, find what you need in the huge selection offered by reliable sellers on eBay. Pick up a Crayola crayons lot with enough boxes of colorful sticks to last your kids through the next few years of rainy weekends, long road trips, and snow days home from school. Choose jumbo crayons, or regular crayons in boxes with 24, 64, or 120 sticks. Did you know that the smell of Crayola crayons is one of the most recognizable scents of all time? Nostalgia buffs, search no further for genuine vintage Crayola crayons. How about a 1964 box of Crayolas with that famous built-in sharpener, a 24-count box of Crayola Gold Medal "School Crayons" from the 1950s, or an original, unused, 1940s box in featuring those first eight colors? Choose Crayola for vibrant, vivid crayon masterpieces and for a whiff or two when you are longing for your younger days.

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