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About Crash Test Dummies Toys

What started out as a key component for testing the safety of automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles has evolved into so much more. In the early 1990s, Tyco turned crash test dummies into a line of action figures and other toys based on the dummies' popularity in TV commercials of the day. From there, The Incredible Crash Dummies action figures fronted a line that included vehicles, games, and even trading cards, all of which are among the vast inventory on eBay. Most figures stand 5 inches tall and come in individual packaging. Some figures separate into pieces, such as when the real ones crash in real cars, while others are bendable and posable. The primary Crash Test Dummies figures are Larry and Vince, but there are others from which to choose, too. There are also a number of Crash Test Dummies cars available as well, including a motorcycle, plane, chopper, ATV, go-kart, and lawn mower. Sets available include the Crash Test Center and the Crash 'N Bash Chair. For those collectors wanting to start an instant collection, a Crash Dummies lot is advisable, as it has many of the figures and accessories all as part of one simple package.