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About Crank Brothers

It is as easy as riding a bike; you have often heard this phrase used in many situations, but choosing the right high quality parts is not always the case. This is why Crank Brothers has been a popular name amongst cyclists who only want the best for their ride. The Crank Brothers Eggbeater 11 pedals, for example, weigh in at only 174g per pair, and have four main components made of titanium. This means that these pedals are both lightweight and durable, which is key if you tend to ride your bike heavily. But pedals are only a small portion of what Crank Brothers has to offer. Not only do they have bars, saddles, and pumps, they also produce a variety of wheel sets. For instance, the Cobalt 3 version of the Crank Brothers wheel set is tailor-made for racing, and can weigh as little as 1,650g. Not only that, Crank Brothers has options for mountain biking wheel sets that are made of sapid stainless steel and weighs slightly heavier for increased durability. Treat your bike right by browsing the wide selection of products available on eBay, for the Crank Brothers part or accessory for you.