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About Craftsman Radial Arm Saws

A Craftsman radial arm saw is the cornerstone to any woodworker's shop. Ideal for ripping stock, cross cutting, and more, a Craftsman radial arm saw works efficiently when backed up against a wall, as it only requires clearance on the sides. This feature makes the saw a desired item for the home shop, replacing the table saw, which needs to be in the center of the room to allow for all-around clearance. The radial arm saw can be the most versatile tool you own. It allows attachments that add features of other specialty saws. It can cut bevels, miters, dadoes, and moldings. Your home is your castle, and now the improvement projects you dream about are at hand. Add crown molding to your dining room, wood flooring in your foyer, and refinish that ugly staircase. For smaller projects, you can now build flower boxes, picture frames, and benches. Wherever you start, the vast inventory on eBay includes the saw you need, as well as the manuals, motors, and parts to keep your shop running smoothly.