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About Craftsman Air Compressors

No one wants a wimpy air compressor. Instead, go for rugged durability backed by a name synonymous with quality, such as a Craftsman air compressor. These give you the ultimate balance of portability and raw power packed in an easy-to-maneuver container. Originally sold by Sears, Craftsman air compressors are more than tire and air mattress inflaters. These powerhouse compressors work with pneumatic tools such as paint sprayers or nail guns to make fast work of that honey-do list. However, they also have a softer, gentler side, helping you inflate kids' pool floats, sports equipment such as footballs, or bicycle tires. Whether it is a horizontal or upright model, the steel housing takes a beating, so you do not have to be afraid to load the compressor in the back of your truck as you rush to help a friend with a flat tire. The vast inventory on eBay provides a variety of sizes and PSI options to consider, as well as Craftsman air compressor parts.

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