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About Craft Dolls

Give your daughter a gift she can never forget when you make her a doll of her very own. Find all kinds of craft dolls that you can alter and use to create a special playmate for your daughter or granddaughter. There's just something special about having a doll that is like no other in the world. With many kinds of parts, you can customize for the age and personality of your little girl. Choose from plastic or vinyl parts to make it a durable toy that she can play with for years. These materials also make for easy cleanup when she gets dirty. Find the perfect height for your plastic craft doll from just a few inches to almost two feet tall. Of course, the most important decision is choosing between the craft doll heads to find the one that captures your daughter's heart. Find just what you need either new or used from reliable sellers on eBay. Make your daughter or granddaughter her own friend to treasure for many years with the perfect craft dolls and parts.