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About Crabtree & Evelyn

Whether you work indoors or out, your hands probably get put through a lot. Nourish and replenish them by using therapeutic Crabtree and Evelyn products that pamper and soothe. Find a large inventory on eBay offered by reliable sellers. The Crabtree and Evelyn Hand Therapy collection is an excellent choice if your hands are often overly dry and rough. The extra moisturizing formulas in this line quench the skin and are scented with stimulating fragrances like pomegranate, lavender, and rose water. Give your hands a treat every time you wash them by using Crabtree and Evelyn soap that lathers up easily to remove dirt and leaves a pleasant aroma on your skin. Whether you choose a bar infused with herbs like basil, or rich goat's milk, there are plenty of possibilities to consider. Use Crabtree and Evelyn products in your master bathroom or one that has been set aside for guests to use. No matter what, these personal care items can help hands feel rejuvenated.