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About Cowboy Vests

Cowboy vests are no longer just for the cowboys. Today, the vests are popular attire in country or rustic weddings and rock-a-billy bands, as well as everyday wear for folks in many different parts of the country. Fleece-lined leather cowboy vests add an extra layer of warmth in the cold winter months. The vests snap up the front and generally have decorative stitching on the front lapels or pockets. Cowboy vests are made out of many different materials, including leather, suede, corduroy, wool, and denim. Tweed cowboy vests, made of 100 percent Merino wool, with brass snaps and leather piping on the pocket welts, look great under a ranch blazer or worn alone. Suede vests, worn snapped up or open is a classic rugged look. Black leather cowboy vests with pearl snaps, detailed stitching on the lapels and pocket welts, are the favorite of grooms. The vest, worn with black jeans and boots, is a sturdy, handsome look that complements the beautiful bride. You can find a vast inventory of cowboy vests on eBay.