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About Cowboy Hats

Some feel the lure of the sea’s raging waters or the tranquility of hiking through a mountain trail, while others prefer the pull of the majestic feelings of riding a beautiful stallion and the sheer exhilaration of the cold, crisp, bite of winter air under a cowboy hat. Imagine the tingling sting of lightly falling snow, hitting your face as you ascend deeper and deeper into the woods. Sitting in your saddle, you are so sure of yourself and of the entire world around you. In fact, you are free from the instant that you mount your horse, your legs laying softly against his strong sides. As you begin to trot forward, you feel a tingling within your stomach representing pure anticipation. The familiar bounce of your hips moving in unison as your leather cowboy hat keeps the sun from your eyes. Slowly but surely, you begin to fly, two separate entities united by the pure beauty of the setting. After a brief pause, you gather your thoughts and remind yourself that you are thankful eBay offers difficult-to-find women’s cowboy hats, which make excursions like these possible. Barely moving the reins, you softly say, “Until tomorrow,” as the two of you head towards home.