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About Cowboy Decor

Entering your little boy's room is so fun because you chose to decorate it with cowboy decor. First, you hung a vintage horseshoe on the outside of the door and attached a sign to it that said your son's name. Then, you hung metal cowboy boot signs and a cowboy hat from the wall. Next, you attached black cowboy decor stickers to the wall. In order to compliment the cowboy wall decor, you covered the bed with a red handkerchief print quilt that you made. While you got the inspiration from cowboy party decorations that your sister used for your nephew's birthday party, you got all the supplies from reliable sellers on eBay. You were thrilled with the large inventory that was available. You were also thrilled with the great variety of shipping options you had to choose from so that you could finish the project extremely quickly. Your son loves the new look to his room, and so do you.

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