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About Covered Candy Dishes

One of the best memories you have from childhood is grabbing sweets out of your grandparents' covered candy dish. It was always setting just within reach, usually atop a lace doily on a coffee table or buffet in the living room. Somehow, the candy always tasted so much sweeter when you snuck one or two. Relive those memories with your own children by having goodies on hand in your own vintage covered candy dish. Perhaps it is even the same kind as the one that was at your grandparents' home. During the holidays, add a festive touch to your decor by setting out a collection of red covered candy dishes. Fill them with seasonal candies such as peppermints for a sweet surprise. Regardless of the kind of covered candy dish you need, the sellers on eBay offer a number of different styles. Your candy dish will be shipped directly to your door, and once you receive it, the only thing left is deciding what kind of candy to fill it with.