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About Country Kitchen

Reminiscent of long drives down winding back roads and single stoplight towns where everyone is a friend and a neighbor, the country kitchen is a cozy reminder of Americana at its finest. The simple joys of a hearty stew and a fresh apple pie never seem more at home than they do amid rustic country kitchen decor that reminds you of your grandmother's house. Farmhouse themes, natural wood tones, and utilitarian textiles tend to characterize the austere but comforting style. For those who want to add a bit of flair to their traditional decor, French country kitchen decor offers an international twist by contributing an Old World feel to the standard comforting formula. When outfitting your new country kitchen, keep an eye out for authentic used items available on eBay. These items not only lend authenticity to your decorating, but they are also more budget friendly than newly produced replicas.