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About Cotton Webbing

Nearly every industry and sport, from auto racing to rock climbing, from military to pet groomers, uses nylon or cotton webbing in some form or another. In fact, you probably used nylon webbing today, in the seatbelt you wore in your car or the strap you held onto in the subway or on your backpack. Webbing may even be holding together the upholstered seat cushion you are sitting in now, or perhaps you're wearing a popular cotton web belt. The flat or tubular material is a mesh of fibers that creates a strong strap, which can be depended upon by parachuters as well as long-haul truckers. Cotton webbing is generally flat rather than tube-shape, is strong and lightweight, and doesn't loose its strength when wet so water sport enthusiasts often use it. While one-inch cotton webbing is the most popular, it is also available, on eBay, up to three inches wide and comes in a variety of colors. New cotton webbing is available in strips or on bolts depending on your needs.