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Cosplay - Japanese, Anime

About Cosplay - Japanese, Anime

With a wave of a magic wand, you can become your favorite character. In theory, it may seem easy to cosplay, but it's an art and a hobby that requires dedication. Find a reliable seller on eBay to purchase an authentic costume replica, and that’s only the first step. You may have the outfit taken care of, but what about the accessories? Anime characters are known for their unnatural hairstyles, which means finding a wig in the right color, length, and style. If you are adept at wielding scissors and hair gel, you can shape the wig into the desired style. Otherwise, look for one that is designed for your character. Now that your head is taken care of, look for the perfect pair of shoes. If you are planning to wear your cosplay to a convention, you need to decide if you want to sacrifice authenticity for comfort. If you selected a Final Fantasy character, remember, no outfit is complete without a few belts. OK, so cosplay is not quite as simple as waving a magic wand, but with the right tools at your disposal, it may as well be.