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About Corum Admirals Cup

It is the night of your big date, but forget being fashionably late. Be fashionably on time, and on trend, with a stunning CORUM Admiral's Cup watch. Founded in 1955, CORUM is a Swiss watchmaking company that specializes in high-quality luxury timepieces, including limited editions. The Admiral's Cup collection, inspired by the international yachting regatta, is the company's benchmark range, offering bold designs and precision movements. The original design was square, but modern versions of the watch have a unique 12-sided case and brightly colored nautical pennants on the bezel to celebrate its nautical heritage. Each piece features the highest quality materials, including rose gold, stainless steel, and titanium. To get the look and style you want, CORUM has divided the range into three selections. AC-One features exciting sports watches, such as the AC-One 45 Chronograph with CORUM's patented 25-jewel regatta movement module, a titanium grade case, a sapphire crystal display, and water resistance up to almost 1,000 feet. For a more sophisticated look, CORUM offers the Legend range, which includes the Legend 45 with a slim open-backed case, understated dial, and crocodile leather strap. The third selection in the CORUM Admiral's Cup range is the Seafender, which offers innovative models such as the Seafender 48, which has a unique dial with decentralized hour and minute counters. Find these CORUM watches, and many more, among the vast inventory on eBay.