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About Corum Watches

When you are looking for a birthday gift for a friend whose two passions are Swiss watches and sailboats, a Breitling or a Patek Philippe simply will not do. What he needs is a super-luxe wristwatch from a little-known Swiss brand like Corum. There are only a few watch collections under this brand and some of the watches are only produced in limited edition runs. For something your friend will rave about endlessly, a Corum Bridge watch should be on top of your shortlist. Each watch under the Golden Bridge collection is a four-sided timepiece offering an unrestricted view of the intricate mechanism of the watch. This detail is presented as if floating on a golden band that runs across the face of the watch. On the other hand, you can get him a Corum Admiral's Cup watch from the collection that defined this brand. This is a 12-sided watch with nautical symbols engraved on its bezel. It is a watch that your sea-loving friend will adore and you can find it among the wide selection of Corum watches offered by reliable sellers on eBay.