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About Corset Belt

Betty Brosmer, Jane Russell, and Ava Gardner exemplified the style and sexiness of a corset. While the fashion has ebbed and flowed over the years, the corset belt offers an easy way to add this feminine touch to an outfit without investing the time to string it together for a tight fit. These belts typically measure a few inches in width, creating the hourglass figure without overtaking your entire outfit. In addition to the belt, the corset suspender belt adds a twist to the traditional corset. This takes the corset belt and adds two suspenders on either side. This style looks stylish and modern when paired with a button-down shirt in white or another classic color. Combine it with a suit jacket for an even more modern look. The vast inventory on eBay can simplify your search for the perfect belt. When it comes to adding a touch of pizzazz to your style, investing in a corset cinch belt can give you the edge you need.

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