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About Corsair - Computers/Tablets & Networking

Remember when the name Corsair referred to pirates who sailed the Seven Seas? One company does. With a symbol representing the sails of an old-time pirate ship, Corsair made its reputation with high-performance computer memory for computer gaming enthusiasts, especially the Dominator line, which is aimed squarely at people who want maximum memory performance to dominate their gaming opponents. The company makes more than just memory, though: a whole slew of performance parts take gaming and general computing to the next level. Performance needs power, which is why Corsair power supplies can complement the addition of RAM modules. Higher-performance memory often runs faster than standard memory, but it requires both more, and more stable, power to do so. It's all about building a top end gaming computer from the bottom up. All the Corsair parts you need can be found through the reliable sellers on eBay, whether you're looking for memory, a case, or even a power supply. Build yourself a computer that can dominate the competition, because victory is for the strong.