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About Corolle

All your daughter wants for her birthday is an American Girl doll, and it just is not in your budget. A Corolle doll is a budget-friendly, but still high-quality, alternative. These French dolls have bean-bag bodies and realistic, sweet faces, as well as a faint vanilla scent. A Corolle baby doll is only 12 inches long, and is ideal for a little girl's first doll. Even a two-year-old has no trouble picking up and cuddling a doll this size. When buying the doll, make sure you get some extra Corolle doll clothes. Half the fun of playing with the doll is changing her outfit every five minutes, so make sure your daughter has plenty of clothing choices. If you shop on eBay, you can find both new and gently used Corolle dolls. Save money by buying a used doll in good condition from one of the reliable sellers, and use the money you saved to buy accessories for the doll. Do not forget the doll cradle, bottles, and bibs.

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