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About Corolla

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Most consumers are unaware that in 1997, the once humble Corolla became the best selling car on earth. The now ubiquitous Toyota Corolla rose to such lofty heights thanks to a well-deserved reputation for quality, comfort, and style. The first Corolla rolled off the production line in 1966, and though it has changed greatly over the years, it retains the reliability and build quality that made its forebears best sellers around the world. The 2010 Toyota Corolla is the tenth generation of the Corolla, and it has a modern, edgy look that proved popular with consumers upon its release. It sports a longer wheelbase, a redesigned grille, sporty front and rear bumpers, and minimalist taillights sunk into the body of the car. The interior was improved too, with a leather wrapped steering wheel, silver accenting, and plush, hexagonal patterned seats. Fans of sport-styled cars may be interested in the Corolla GTS, a stylish version of the Corolla known as the Toyota Sprinter thanks to its impressive handling and improved acceleration. Whether you are looking for a new or used Corolla, a classic car, or a range of parts and spares, with thousands of reliable sellers you are sure to find everything you need on eBay.