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About Corn Shellers

Perfect examples of how invention and innovation transform daily life, corn shellers feature an ingenious and simple design that works efficiently to strip a corn cob of its kernels. You insert the cob into a feed in the device and engage the stripping teeth, typically by turning a hand crank. In no time at all, the device removes the kernels from the cob. Corn shellers can be large-scale devices used for high-volume work or smaller, manual hand corn shellers for individual use. Using a corn sheller is particularly useful for those tasked with caring for livestock. By quickly removing the kernels from a cob, a corn sheller gives you instant access to a staple in the diet of many barnyard animals. A corn sheller also proves useful in the kitchen. Whether making corn meal for cake or masa for some tamales, you need a quick and plentiful supply of fresh corn kernels on hand. A wide range of new and antique corn shellers are available from the vast inventory on eBay, so take a look and find one of these useful tools for use in your own home.