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About Corky

Named after their oldest daughter, it's obvious the couple who runs the Corky company has a great love for high-quality toddler's wear and knows how to design beautiful, unique coats, outerwear, and other attire for young children. Corky and Company uses original designs and high quality materials, including European fabrics. Having expanded from their single line of coats since their opening, the Corky company offers a variety of infant and toddler fleeces, sweaters, onesies, and specialty items, such as a gorgeous bathing suit tankini, animal print dress and leggings combo, and colorful dresses. Outfit your toddler in an adorable hoodie fleece jacket embellished with a patchwork cat, dog, monkey, or funny monster creature. Corky has firmly established itself as a unique boutique for toddlers, with coat patterns ranging from elegant to psychedelic, or from simple to animal print. Find just the right new or used Corky coat on eBay and make your toddler stand out during playtime.