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About Corelle Dinnerware Sets

Dinnertime is family time, and you can make each night a special occasion by setting the table with Corelle dinnerware. Corelle dinnerware sets feature the extra strong and durable tempered glass developed by Corning Glass Works in 1970. Many Corelle cups and plates from 1970 may well still be around, because these dishes stand the test of time. Through the years, Corelle has introduced a vast selection of different styles and shapes in its sets of plates, cups, and saucers. A typical 32-piece Corelle dinnerware set includes eight dinner plates, eight salad plates, eight soup bowls, and eight coffee cups. You can also buy additional pieces, such as dessert plates and bowls, and serving ware. Vintage Corelle sets are recognizable by their classic patterns, and mainly come with round plates. Current Corelle dinnerware sets let you choose between round and more modern looking square pieces. The patterns range from traditional style flowered borders to funky, modern-art inspired designs and holiday themed motifs. Select the set, or sets, and additional pieces that work for your family's dining needs from the vast selection of Corelle offered by the trusted sellers on eBay.

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