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About Cordura

The key word in Cordura's products is "durable"—and with good reason. Cordura fabric is known round the world for its strength, reliability, and versatility; it is so strong that it can even stand the test of being used for military purposes and pass with flying colors. For outdoorsmen who make their own trailblazing clothes, Cordura fabric is ideal, especially with the wide array of fabrics that are available for the outdoorsman to choose from. With Ultralite fabric, EcoMade fabric, denim, classic, AFT (air flow technology), Baselayer (used by law enforcement and military), and canvas, there's a Cordura fabric for every occasion and mission. Cordura also boasts many a product, from everyday to outdoor to military, that uses Cordura fabric, including footwear, motorcycles, hunting supplies, and bags. An average Cordura bag still carries the "durable" promise, and will last for years to come. Pit your rugged self against Cordura fabric and its products by purchasing some on eBay, in new or used condition. See who can last the longest: Cordura, or you.

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