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About Cordial Glasses

Finally, your first opportunity to have a real dinner party—you feel like the perfect host until one of the guests pulls out a delicious dessert wine after dinner. Only then do you realize you lack small cordial glasses in which to serve it. Not the end of the world, of course, but you want to be prepared for future occasions. Look for options such as delicate Waterford, Godinger, or Libbey glasses like you remember from your grandmother's home. Small stemmed glasses such as these, easily overlooked when stocking up on entertaining supplies, are versatile enough to be well worth the investment. Traditionally used to serve small after-dinner drinks, they are just as useful for sparkling and sweet wines, as well as certain mixed drinks. Designs include elegant cut glass and playful colors, so whether your style is classic or contemporary, there's something for you. Find a wide array of new and vintage cordial glasses from reliable sellers on eBay. It's easy to bring back cocktail hour with your favorite liqueur and a beautiful set of cordial glasses.